„But this is not a war story. This is a story of [Peace]“ (Kongo Pt.3)

Veröffentlicht von tom am 4. Juli 2011 in Afrika, Congo, Film, Krise / Crisis

Über diese sehr guten Filme bin ich gerade gestolpert. Hier der Trailer, weiter unten Links zum ganzen Film:

Peace Commandos von SpinFilm

Es gibt sogar eine Website zum Film, die ich sehr gut finde.

Diese Website ist sehr gut strukturiert und gibt einem einen schnellen Überblick über die vergangene und aktuelle Situation im Kongo gibt.
Es ist sehr anschaulich und sogar mit audio-visuellen Medien gearbeitet worden.
Sehr sehenswert: http://www.peacecommandos.org/digdeeper/

Dieser Film ist einer von mehreren Filmen einer Filmproduktion namens „Spin Films“, die sich für ziemlich das Gleiche einsetzen wofür „start2think MEDIA“ jetzt steht.

…start2think! to stop intellectual Genocide!

Guckt euch diesen Film an! Hier ist der Link zum ganzen Film. Der Massenmord an der Intellektualität.

The term „intellectual genocide“ was used by a nun in Rutshuru to describe the current state of education in much of Eastern Congo. Protracted fighting and displacement has prevented an entire generation of children from accessing even the most fundamental education. Because much of the violence in Eastern DRC has been focused on civilians, she proposes preventing access to education is often an intentional act by armed groups.

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25. September 2015 um 16:57

Slavery was not more or less benign one place or ahoentr. It was, is, and always will be a degrading and dehumanizing act violently enforced and designed to strip agency, citizenship, and humanity from its victims.Relativistic claptrap. There are degrees of horror, within New World slavery regimes, and within Africa proper. Worse to be in cotton country in the United States than in the Upper South; worse still to be in sugarcane country in Louisiana than the cotton kingdom; even worse to be in Haiti or the other sugar islands, or the sugarcane plantations of Brazil. Likewise, the Congo Free State was a horror of a totally different order than even the worst of the other colonial regimes.As for the Republic of the Congo vs. the Democratic Republic of Congo, check out their places in the : as unstable and third-worldy as the Republic as the Congo reads on paper, their GDP is *ten times* that of the former Zaire. They’re on the high end of „developing“!


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